Damn you tumblr! I just went on to rant a bit but you suck me in. Suuuck meeee iiiiiin~!! D:
Don’t you know that you use up too much internet-quota to last the whole month? ;n;
Anyhow, hi guys! I miss you’all!
But more than that I miss drawing. I went down memory lane today, I was supposed to clean my room but I got stuck looking trough old drawings for a couple of hours. XD
I suck! I need to draw more, this isn’t healthy for me. And someday I might show you the lolita-kawaii-omg-what-is-this-style I used to have.
But for now, here, have some AkuRoku-bookmark-stuff I made years ago. Xp

I drew my friend Crystal's character Ryan Chattoway in the way I kind of imagined him to look like. And since she's RP'ing with my friend Queenie and her character Rikki Kusoubu I just drew him also while I was at it~! OuO

Uhuhu, characters belong to Crystal and Queenie respectively. 

Ignore the fact that Roxas wouldn’t have been able to get on that lifeboat if this actually were the real Titanic.. Eheheh. ;D;

Yeah, I’m not dead. And now I’ve got my scanner up and running again~!

I wanna see your Peacock~!

Drawing I did to accompany pamelaisley9291’s drabble she wrote one evening when we were being silly together. You can find and read her drabble here:

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Wip, I’ll scan this and more as soon as I get my scanner installed again. C:

Old fanart from 2009 I found while serching for a specific art pad in the mess that is my room. :p

Hey guys, I’m not dead, I promise. Here, have a picture of my favourite homunculi. The first seriously drawn picture I’ve done in almost two months. ;A; I want more time for sketching!

AkuRoku Doujin - My Plumber’s Smile

This was an interesting experience. I only had this up on dA for 4 days before they found out about my porn-contribution. XD

But well, I’ll re-submit it here and attach my old AN.


Observe! This zip-file contains explicit content and you should not download it unless you’re 18 years or older. (I’ve been 18 since I was 12, so go ahead and download it anyway if you feel like it. XD)

I hope you’ll like it or at least not hate it.

DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/?bgdhtev7izggj49

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10 things about me, the happy version.

1. I believe in God and he answers me trough shooting stars. I’ve lost count of how many I’ve seen in my life.

2. I’m easy to please. Really easy to please, you can poke me and I laugh, or I can keep myself occupied easily by talking and singing with myself. Or I just watch series/movies.

3. I’m not easily scared, I laugh at scary movies and I love walking in the dark at the night. Trough dark forests and on graveyards.

4. I’ve read yaoi since I was 11 years old, starting with Drarry being my first OTP.

5. I can’t lie, if I say something I really mean it. I tend to choose my words carefully so I’m sometimes so slow at replying that I might seem retarded.

6. I’m scared of babies, they are creepy and I don’t know why I feel that way.

7. I have this plan to live with my dad forever since he’s the best. And his cooking is awesome!

8. I feel so very blessed that I have so many amazing friends. I don’t always have time for everyone all the time but I always try my best to spend as much time as possible with every single one of them.

9. I like to tell people that are younger than me “how good it was back in the days” or “when I was your age…”. I guess it’s cuz I’m not that very old and it’s a silly thing to do.

10. I have to miltitask, always! I’m the queen of multitasking sometimes as I can sit in front of the tv, watch football and watch a series on my computer and draw while also chatting with people. All at the same time. I feel so short of time so very often so that’s why I try to get so much done at the same time.

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How long have this been in my inbox? >______> okkeh, well here goes.

1. I have a wonky ear.

2. Sometimes I wish people would leave random questions or art-requests in my inbox. But I don’t ask for it cuz I just end up being a perfectionist about it and takes waaay to long time to finish with the task given.

3. I don’t see myself as a funny person, and I will probably never become one. I always have this idea that people are tired of me but they don’t wanna tell me they actually are.

4. I love food, but a few years ago I had eating disorders due to stress. This includes that I wouldn’t eat anything for days sometimes, or I felt sick just thinking about food and I also had bulimia.
The worst thing is that this comes back some days randomly.

5. When I look at stuff or people every day I 60% of the time think about how I would draw it, color it or how the light hits the object.

6. I’m often very scared of approaching people on the internet since I don’t wanna give a bad first impression. I mean, we always have only once chance at it. So I usually just end up watching/follow/getting to know that person without them ever knowing that I know so much about them.

7. I’m happy about the fact that I’m not that good an artist so that I’m one of the more popular people on the web. Cuz usually they end up with so many haters and I just can’t figure out how haters have the energy to hate so much. I can’t be mad at someone for even a week.

8. I never watch TV. The only times I do is when I’m watching snooker, US football or are spending time with my dad.

9. Every love story I’ve been part of have been depressing. They are either one sided, the person I like is already taken or it’s not possible to make it work. I’ve only had one relationship in my life and this was 7 years ago.

10. I’m sleepy, and tired, almost always.

And all of these answers have been negative ones, so I’ll make another one with only happy 1-10 answers that I’ll update later today.


The day I tried out scribblin’ Supernatural-fanart.